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Art project to commemorate the children of Bullenhuser Damm

Daria Filippova presents her art project at the memorial event for the children of Bullenhuser Damm

Every year on the 20th of April we commemorate the children of Bullenhuser Damm. And every year students think about the most creative way to do that.

This year I was the one to make an art project. I decided to think about the greater context first and came up with a couple of important thoughts.

First of all, if no one remembers–the story is senseless. Commemoration is not only the remembering the past but more importantly making it somehow helpful and even useful, in a manner of speaking. Commemoration act should show that the tragedy didn't happen in vain but had an impact on the present. And people as the ones who create the present should have such an association while interacting with my art project. They should think about who they are and what their own history is, what they have done to prevent the cases of violence and to improve today's world.

While observing my art project and wandering among the images of the past, one is immersed in reflections on these events and then finds himself being an active participant of the "exhibition", which means that he himself plays a significant role in the history as a whole and in commemoration of this particular tragedy.

Daria Filippova


Artinstallation to commemorate the children of Bullenhuser Damm
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